The Holy Rosary

1. When passing before an image of Our Lady we should say:
"I greet you, Oh Mary
Greet Jesus for me."

2. Listen, dear Mother, I love you more than all the creatures on earth and in Heaven, after Jesus, of course... but I love you.

3. Beautiful Mother, you are so beautiful. If it were not for faith, men would think you were a goddess. Your eyes are more resplendent than the sun, you are beautiful Mother, I glory in it, I love you. Please help me.

4. May Mary be the star which shines on your path, and may she show you the safe way to reach the heavenly Father. May she be like an anchor to which you must be more closely attached in time of trial.

5. May Mary be the reason of your existence and guide you to the safe harbour of eternal salvation. May she be your gentle model and your source of inspiration in the virtue of humility.

6. If Jesus manifests Himself, thank Him; and if He hides Himself thank Him also; it is all a game of love. May the clement and pious Virgin continue to obtain for you from the ineffable goodness of the Lord the strength to sustain till the end the many proofs of charity He gives you. I hope you will die with Jesus on the Cross; and say in Him "Consummatum est."

7. Oh Mary, sweet Mother of priests, mediatrix and administratrix of all graces, from the bottom of my heart I beg and implore you to thank Jesus, the fruit of thy womb, today, tomorrow and forever.

8. Humanity wants its share. Mary the mother of Jesus also knew that his death meant the redemption of the human race, yet she wept and suffered and how much she suffered.

9. May Mary transform all your sufferings into joy.

10. Do not be so completely dedicated to Martha's activity that you forget the silence or self-abandonment of Mary. May the Virgin, who combines the two duties so well, be your model and inspiration.

11. May Mary adorn your soul with flowers and the fragrance of ever new virtues and place her maternal hand on your head.
Always stay close to this heavenly Mother, because she is the sea through which we reach the shores of eternal splendour in the Kingdom of dawn.

12. Remember what took place in the heart of our heavenly Mother at the foot of the Cross. She was turned to stone before her crucified Son, due to the excessive suffering, but you cannot say she was abandoned. On the contrary, she was never loved more than at that moment when she suffered and couldn't even cry.

13. Do not leave the altar without first shedding tears of sorrow and love for Jesus, crucified for your eternal salvation. Our Lady of Sorrows will keep you company and inspire you.

14. My son, you do not know the effects of obedience. Well, for a yes, for a single yes, "be it done unto me according to Your word," to do God's will, Mary became the mother of the Most High, professing herself to be his handmaid and keeping her virginity which was so dear to God and herself. Thanks to this yes pronounced by Mary Most Holy, the world obtained salvation and humanity was redeemed. Let us always do God's will and always say yes to the Lord.

15. May the Mother of Jesus, and our Mother, always smile on your spirit, obtaining for it, from her Most Holy Son, every heavenly blessing.

16. What tongue could worthily describe Mary's triumphant entry into heaven? If the triumphs prepared here below arouse such admiration and great enthusiasm that they attract many people to contemplate them, what can be said of the triumph prepared by God Himself for his Mother?

17. Father, today is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows: say something to me.
Answer: Our Lady of Sorrows loves us. She gave birth to us in suffering and love. May you never forget Our Lady of Sorrows and may her sufferings be engraved in your heart: may she inflame your heart with love for herself and her Son.

18. Mary's holy soul, like a dove set free, left her saintly body and flew to the bosom of her Beloved.

19. After Jesus Christ's ascension to Heaven, Mary longed continually with burning desire to be reunited with Him. To be without her divine Son was a very harsh exile. Those years of separation from Him were for her a most slow and painful martyrdom of love that consumed her slowly.

20. Jesus who reigned in Heaven with his most holy humanity received from the womb of the Virgin, wanted his mother to be reunited to Him not only with her soul but also with her body and share fully in his glory. And that was right and just. That body that was not a slave of the devil and sin for one instant was not to be a slave of corruption either.

21. Do your best to conform always and in everything to the will of God, in all eventualities, and do not fear. This is the sure path to Heaven.

22. You are not unaware of the fact that I desire to die and to love God; either death or love, given that life without this love is worse than death. Oh my daughters, help me! I am dying and in agony at all times. Everything seems to be a dream to me, and I don't know where I am wandering. Dear God! when will the time come when I, too, can sing: "This is my rest, oh God, forever"?

23. Do the penance of remembering, with sorrow, your offences committed against God; the penance of being constantly good, the penance of fighting against your defects.

24. I confess in the first place, that for me it is a great misfortune to be unable to express and pour out this ever-active volcano which burns me up, and which Jesus has placed in this very small heart. It can all be summed up as follows: I am consumed by love for God and love for my neighbour.

25. Science, my son, for all its greatness is nevertheless a small thing; and less than nothing compared to the formidable mystery of the Divinity. You must take another road. Cleanse your heart of every earthly passion, humble yourself in the dust and pray! In this way you will certainly find God, who will give you peace and serenity in this life and eternal beatitude in the next.

26. Have you ever seen a field of fully ripened grain? You will see that some ears are tall and vigorous; while others are bent to the ground. Try to take the tall one, the most vain, you will see that it is empty; if instead you take the low ones, the most humble, these are laden with grain. From this you can deduce that vanity is empty.

27. We should make a great effort to become holy, and render great service to God and our neighbour.

28. Let us become saints so that after having been together on earth we will be together forever in Heaven.

29 Oh God!, let yourself always be felt, more and more, by my poor heart, and accomplish in me the work you have begun. I hear an interior voice which assiduously says to me: Sanctify yourself and others. Well, my dearest, I want to do this, but I don't know where to begin. Help me, you also. I know that Jesus is very fond of you, and you deserve this. Therefore, speak to Him for me, that He might grant me the grace of making me a less unworthy son of Saint Francis, so that I can be an example to my confrères, in order that fervour might continue to grow more and more within me, making me a perfect Capuchin.

30. Always be faithful to God in observing the promises you made Him, and pay no attention to the mocking of the foolish. Know that the saints never payed attention to the world and the worldly, and they placed the world and its maxims under their feet.

31. The field of battle between God and Satan is the human soul. This is where it takes place every moment of our lives. The soul must give free access to our Lord and be completely fortified by Him with every kind of weapon; His light must illuminate it to fight the darkness of error; it must put on Jesus Christ, His truth and justice, the shield of faith, the word of God to overcome such powerful enemies. To put on Jesus Christ we must die to ourselves.