The Holy Rosary

1. May the Heart of Jesus be the centre of all your inspirations.

2. Let us look with profound gratitude at that sublime mystery which attracts the Heart of Jesus to his creatures with such force; let us look at the great condescension with which He put on our own flesh to live the miserable life of this earth in our midst; let us muster up all the forces of our intellect to consider worthily the tenacious fervour and hardship of his apostolate, to recall the horrors of his passion and martyrdom and to adore his Blood... royally offered to the last drop for the redemption of mankind; then with humble faith and the same ardent love with which He surrounds and pursues our souls, let us bow our impure foreheads at his feet.

3. Jesus, You always come into my soul. With what food must I feed You? With love! But my love is fallacious, Jesus I love You very much, make up for my love.

4. I never cease to implore blessings for you from Jesus, and to beg the Lord to transform you totally in Him. Oh my daughters! How beautiful is his face, how sweet his eyes and what a good thing it is to stay close to Him on the Mount of his glory! We must place all our desires and affections there.... Contrary to our every merit, we are on the steps of Tabor, by having a firm determination to love and serve his divine goodness well.

5. Let us remember that the Heart of Jesus has called us not only for our own sanctification, but also for that of other souls. He wants to be helped in the salvation of souls.

6. What else can I say to you? May the grace and peace of the Holy Spirit always be at the centre of your heart. Place your heart in the open side of the Saviour and unite it with the King of our hearts who is within them as on a royal throne, in order that He might receive homage and obedience from all other hearts. He keeps his door open so that everybody can approach Him and gain an audience at all times. And when your heart speaks to Him, don't forget, my dearest daughter, to speak in favour of mine, so that his divine and cordial Majesty may render it good, obedient, faithful and less wretched than it is.

7. Do not be at all surprised at your weakness, but acknowledge what you are, and blush at your infidelity towards God, then confide in Him and abandon yourself tranquilly in the arms of the heavenly Father, like a child in the arms of its mother.

8. Valiantly fight temptations like strong souls, and fight along with the Supreme Chief. When you fall, do not stay there prostrated in body and spirit. Humble yourself greatly but without being discouraged. Lower yourself without degrading yourself. Wash your imperfections and falls with sincere tears of contrition, without lacking trust in divine goodness, which will always be greater than your ingratitude. Propose to correct your faults, without relying on yourself, but your strength must be in God alone. Finally, confess sincerely that if God were not your breast-plate and shield, you would be imprudently pierced with every kind of sin.

9. Let us love Jesus for his divine greatness, for his power in Heaven and on earth, for his infinite merits, but also and above all out of gratitude. Had He not been so good towards us but more severe, how much less we would have sinned! But when sin is followed with profound sorrow, with an honest resolution of never sinning again, an intense understanding of the great pain we have given to the mercy of God; when having rent the hardest fibres of our hearts we manage to shed scalding tears of repentance and love then, my son, the sin itself becomes a stepping-stone which brings us closer, which raises us up, which leads us to Him more securely.

10. Oh, if I had an infinite number of hearts, all the hearts in Heaven and earth, your Mother's heart, Jesus, I would offer them all, every one of them to You!

11. My Jesus, my sweetness, my love, love which sustains me.

12. Jesus, I love You very much; it is useless to repeat it to You, I love You. My Love, my Love. Only You! Praise be to You alone.

13. May Jesus be your guide, your support and your life, always and in everything!

14. I approve of your work for gaining souls for Jesus. By all means receive Holy Communion for the Holy Father's intentions.

15. Even if you had committed all the sins of the world, Jesus says to you: "Many sins have been forgiven you, because you have loved much."

16. During the rioting of the passions and adverse events, keep in mind the dear hope of his unlimited mercy. Let us run with confidence to the tribunal of penance, where He waits for us at all times with the anxiety of a father; and although we are conscious of our debt towards Him, let us not doubt the solemn pardon of our sins. Let us bury them as our Lord has done.

17. The Heart of our divine Master has no law more lovable than that of gentleness, humility and charity.

18. My Jesus, my sweetness, how can I live without You? Come always, my Jesus, come; You alone take possession of my heart.

19. My children, we can never prepare ourselves too much for Holy Communion.

20. "Father, I feel unworthy to receive Holy Communion. I am unworthy!" Reply: "It is true, we are not worthy of such a gift, but it is one thing to receive unworthily in the state of mortal sin and another to be unworthy. We are all unworthy; but it is He who invites us, and He who desires it. Let us humble ourselves and receive Him with our hearts full of love."

21. "Father, why do you cry when you receive Jesus in Holy Communion?" Reply: "If the Church can utter the words: 'You did not disdain the womb of the Virgin,' speaking of the incarnation of the Word in the womb of the Immaculate Virgin, what should be said of us miserable creatures? But Jesus said to us: 'He who does not eat my Flesh and does not drink my Blood will not have life everlasting,' so then let us approach Holy Communion with great love and fear. Let the whole day be a preparation and thanksgiving for Holy Communion."

22. Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed in doing everything as you desire, force yourself to do what you have to do and see to it that you never fall short of anything in this respect, taking no account of whether you feel comfort or tediousness and boredom. Let your intention be always upright.

23. If you are not granted the ability to stay a long time in prayer, reading, etc., you must not be discouraged. As long as you receive Jesus every morning you must consider yourself extremely fortunate.
During the course of the day, when you are unable to do anything else, call on Jesus, even in the midst of all your occupations, with resigned groanings of the soul. He will come to stay united to your soul always, through his grace and holy love. Fly in spirit before the tabernacle, when you cannot go there with the body, and there, express your ardent desires. Speak to, pray to and embrace the Beloved of souls, better than if you had been able to receive Him in sacrament.

24. Jesus alone can understand what I suffer when the painful scene of Calvary is put before me. It is equally incomprehensible how Jesus can be consoled not merely by those who sympathize with his torments, but when He finds a soul, who, for love of Him, asks no consolations and only wants to be allowed to share in his sufferings.

25. When assisting at holy Mass, renew your faith and meditate on the Victim who immolates Himself for you, to placate Divine Justice, and renders it propitious. Do not leave the altar without first shedding tears of sorrow and love for Jesus, crucified for your eternal salvation.
When you are well you hear Mass, when you are ill and cannot assist, you say Mass.

26. Each holy Mass heard with devotion, produces marvellous effects in our souls, spiritual and material graces, that we ourselves do not know. For such purposes do not spend your money uselessly, make a sacrifice of it and come here to hear holy Mass.
It would be easier for the earth to exist without the sun than without the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

27. In these sad times when faith is dead and wickedness is triumphant; when we are surrounded by those who have perpetual hatred in their hearts and blasphemy on their lips, the surest way of remaining immune from the pestiferous disease which surrounds us is to strengthen ourselves with Eucharistic food. This cannot be achieved by those who, month after month, live without satiating themselves with the Immaculate Flesh of the Divine Lamb.

28. I end here because the bell is calling me and urging me. I am going to the wine-press of the Church, to the holy altar where the sacred blood of that delicious and singular grape, with which only a fortunate few are allowed to inebriate themselves, drips continually. There - and you know I cannot do otherwise - I will present you to the heavenly Father in union with his Son, to whom, for whom, and through whom I am totally yours in the Lord.

29. See how much scorn and sacrilege is committed by the sons of men towards the most holy humanity of his Son in the Sacrament of love?... It is up to us to defend the honour of this meek Lamb who is always concerned when the case of souls is in question, but always silent where his own case is concerned.

30. My Jesus, save everyone; I offer myself as a victim for everyone; strengthen me, take my heart, fill it with Your love and then command me to do whatever You want.