The Holy Rosary

1. Love Our Lady. Recite the Rosary. May the Blessed Mother of God reign sovereign over your heart.

2. Give me and preserve in me that ardent faith which makes me believe and work for Your love alone. This is the first gift I present to You and, prostrate at Your feet, together with the holy Magi, I declare, with no human respect for the whole world, that You are our true and only God.

3. I bless God with all my heart who made me meet truly good souls. I also told these souls that they are God's vineyard. The water-supply is faith; the tower is hope; the wine-press is holy charity, and the hedge is the law of God that separates them from the children of the world.

4. A lively faith, blind belief and complete adherence to the authorities constituted by God over you; this is the light that illuminated the steps of the people of God in the desert, and this is the light that always shines in the tip of those souls who are acceptable to the Father. This is the light that led the Magi to adore the newly-born Messiah.

5. The most beautiful credo is the one that bursts forth from your lips in darkness, in sacrifice, in pain, in the supreme effort of an unbending will for good; this is what dispels, like a flash of lightning, the gloom of your soul, it is what leads you to God in the fury of the storm.

6. Make a particular effort to practise sweetness and submission to the will of God, not only in extraordinary matters, but even in the little things that occur daily. Make these acts not only in the morning, but also during the day and in the evening, with a tranquil and joyful spirit. And if you should fail in this, humble yourself, make a new resolution, get up and continue on your way.

7. The enemy is very strong and all things considered it seems that victory must smile on him. Alas! Who is to save me from the hands of so strong and powerful an enemy who allows me not a moment's freedom day or night? Is it possible that the Lord will allow my downfall? Unhappily this is what I deserve, but can it be that the heavenly Father's goodness will be outdone by my wickedness? This will never, never be, my dear Father.

8. I would prefer to be stabbed with a steel blade, rather than make someone suffer.

9. By all means seek solitude, but do not lack charity with your neighbour.

10. Even when reprimanding one must be courteous and gentle.

11. To lack charity is to wound the pupil of God's eye. What is more delicate than the pupil of the eye? To lack charity is like sinning against nature.

12. Charity, wherever it comes from, is always the daughter of the same mother, that is, Providence.

13. Remember Jesus, "meek and humble of heart". "Be angry and don't sin" is of the saints. I have never regretted being gentle, but I have had qualms of conscience and had to confess when I was a bit severe. But when I say gentleness I do not mean permissiveness. That no! I mean the gentleness that makes discipline pleasant which must never be neglected.

14. Where there is no obedience, there is no virtue, where there is no virtue, there is no goodness, no love, and where there is no love, God is not there and without God we do not go to Paradise.
These form a stairway and if one step is missing from the stairway we fall down.

15. I beseech you, by the meekness of Jesus, and by the bowels of mercy of the heavenly Father, never to slacken on the path of virtue. Keep on running and don't ever make up your mind to stop, for you know that to stand still on this path is equivalent to retracing one's steps.

16. To see suffering makes me very unhappy! I would gladly stab myself in the heart to take away suffering from someone! Yes, this would be easier for me!

17. I was extremely sorry to hear you have been ill, but was very happy to hear you are recovering, and I was even happier to see true piety and christian charity flourish once again in your midst, which you showed during your infirmity.

18. I cannot tolerate criticism and speaking ill of our neighbour. It is true, sometimes I enjoy teasing them, but speaking ill of them makes me sick. We have so many defects in ourselves to criticize, why pick on our neighbour? And lacking in charity we damage the roots of the tree of life, with the risk of killing it.

19. Charity is the queen of virtues. As pearls are held together by a string, so are the virtues held by charity. And just as the pearls fall if the string breaks, so are the virtues lost if charity fails.

20. Charity is the yardstick with which the Lord will judge us all.

21. Remember that the cornerstone of perfection is charity; he who lives by charity, lives in God, because God is charity, as the Apostle said.

22. I bless the good God for the holy sentiments his grace gives you. You do well never to begin any task without first having implored divine help. This will obtain for you the grace of holy perseverance.

23. I am suffering, and suffering very much, but thanks to our good Jesus I still feel a little strength, and when aided by Jesus what is the creature not capable of doing?

24. Fight like a strong soul if you wish to obtain the reward of strong souls.

25. Don't refuse in any way or for any reason to act charitably to all without exception. Go out of your way to do this when you get the chance. The Lord desires it and you must make an effort to do it.

26. You must always have prudence and love. Prudence has the eyes, love the legs. Love that has the legs would like to run to God, but its impulse to rush towards Him is blind, and might sometimes stumble if it was not guided by prudence which has the eyes. When prudence sees that love should be restrained, it lends its eyes.

27. Simplicity is a virtue, but up to a point, it must never be without prudence; on the other hand cunning and slyness are diabolical and do a lot of harm.

28. Vainglory is an enemy that assails those who have consecrated themselves to the Lord and embraced the spiritual life. Hence it can rightly be called the consuming moth of souls tending to perfection. The saints refer to it as the woodworm of holiness.

29. Do not let your soul be troubled at the sad spectacle of human injustice; even this has its value in the economy of events. Do not stop in your search for the truth and in the acquisition of the Most High. Be docile to the inspirations of grace.

30. In order to attract us the Lord gives us many graces and we imagine we are almost in Heaven. We do not know, however, that to grow we need hard bread: crosses, humiliations, trials and contradictions.

31. Strong and generous hearts do not grieve except for strong motives, and even then they do not allow such motives to penetrate too deeply within them.