The Holy Rosary

1. The Lord allows us to discover who we are a little at a time. In fact, it is inconceivable to me how anyone with intelligence and a conscience can become proud.

2. Furthermore, I tell you to love your abjection, and loving your abjection consists precisely in this: If you are humble, tranquil, sweet and confident in times of darkness and impotence; that is, if you do not become restless, upset and anxious because of all this, but you gladly (I don't say joyfully, but I say frankly and constantly) embrace these crosses and remain in this darkness, then you will love your abjection. Because what does abjection mean if not to be humble and powerless?

3. Let us also ask our good Jesus for the humility, trust and faith of our dear saint Clare; let us pray fervently to Jesus like her. Let us abandon ourselves to Him; detach ourselves from this lying world where everything is folly and vanity; everything passes, only God remains to the soul, if it knows how to love Him well.

4. Nevertheless, there is some difference between the virtue of humility and that of abjection, because humility is the recognition of one's abjection. Now the highest degree of humility is, not only to recognize one's abjection, but to love it. This is what I have exhorted you to do.

5. Never lie down to sleep without having first examined your conscience on the way you have spent the day and without first turning your thoughts to God. Then offer and consecrate your whole person and that of every Christian, especially my wretched self, to God just as I do for you.

6. You must principally insist on the basis of Christian justice and the foundation of goodness; that is on the virtue of which Jesus explicitly offers himself as a model: humility, interior and exterior humility, but more interior than exterior, more felt than shown, more profound than visible.

7. I am sure you desire to know what the best abjection is, and I tell you it is that which we have not chosen ourselves, or that which is less welcome to us. Or, to explain this better, those towards which we feel no inclination.

8. I am not as the Lord made me, yet I feel that I would have to make a greater effort to make an act of pride than an act of humility. Because humility is truth, and the truth is that I am nothing, and everything good that is in me is of God. And often we spoil even the good that God has put in us. When people ask me for something, I do not think of what I can give but of what I do not know how to give and of the many souls who remain thirsty because I have not known how to give them the gift of God.
To think that every moming Jesus grafts Himself into us, permeates us entirely, gives us everything, therefore a branch or a flower of humility should sprout in us. On the other hand, the devil, who cannot graft himself into us as deeply as Jesus, immediately makes shoots of pride germinate in us. This is not to our credit. We must therefore fight and struggle to rise. We will not arrive at the summit without an encounter with God. To meet we must ascend and He must descend. But when we can take no more, then let us pause and be humble and it is in this humility that we will meet God, because He descends into the hearts of the humble.

9. True humility of the heart is that felt and lived rather than shown. We must always humble ourselves before God, but not with that false humility which brings discouragement, generating dejection and despair.
We must have a low opinion of ourselves. We must believe we are inferior to everyone else. We must not put our interests before those of others.

10. Not one of us deserves anything in this world; it is the Lord who is benevolent towards us and it is his infinite mercy that bestows everything because He forgives everything.

11. If we have to be patient and bear the faults of others, all the more must we tolerate ourselves. In your daily transgressions humble yourself, humble yourself, always humble yourself. When Jesus sees you prostrated with humility, He will extend his hand and He Himself will draw you to Him.

12. You have built badly. Destroy everything and rebuild well.

13. What is happiness if not the possession of every good that renders man completely content? But can we ever find anyone who is completely happy on this earth? Certainly not. Man would have been happy if he had remained faithful to God. But given that man is full of crime, that is, sin, he can never be totally happy. Therefore, only in Heaven can happiness be found. There, there is no danger of losing God, no suffering, no death, but eternal life with Jesus Christ.

14. "Padre, you are so good!" "I am not good, only Jesus is good. I don't know how this habit of St. Francis that I wear does not run away from me! The worst delinquent on earth is golden compared to me."

15. Humility and charity go together. One glorifies and the other sanctifies. Humility and purity are wings that raise us to God and make us almost divine.

16. Always be lovingly humble before God and man, because God speaks to those whose hearts are truly humble and enriches them with his gifts.

17. Let us first look up and then at ourselves. The infinite distance between the azure and the abyss generates humility.

18. If our staying firmly on our feet depended on us, undoubtedly we would fall into the hands of the enemy of our salvation at the slightest breeze. Let us confide always in divine mercy, and thus we will experience more and more, how good the Lord is.

19. You should humble yourself before God instead of becoming dejected if He reserves for you the sufferings of his Son and wants you to feel your weakness; you must pray to Him with resignation and hope when you fall through weakness and thank Him for the many benefits with which He enriches you.

20. What can I do? Everything comes from God. I possess one thing only, infinite misery.

21. If God were to take away all that He has given us, we would be in rags.

22. "How much malice there is in me!"
"Keep that conviction, humble yourself but don't be distressed."

23. Be careful never to become discouraged when you are surrounded by spiritual infirmities. If God allows you to fall in some weakness it is not to abandon you, but only to establish you in humility and make you more careful in the future.

24. The world does not esteem us because we are children of God; let us console ourselves that at least once in a while it recognizes the truth and does not lie.

25. Love an practise simplicity and humility and don't worry about the opinion of the world, because if this world had nothing to say against us, we would not be real servants of God.

26. Self-esteem, the offspring of pride, is more malicious than the mother herself.

27. Humility is truth, truth is humility.

28. God enriches the soul that divests itself of everything.

29. To be submissive does not mean to be a slave, but to be free for holy advice.

30. When we do the will of others, we must realize we are doing God's will, which is manifested for us in the will of our Superiors and neighbour.

31. Always stay close to the Catholic Church, because it alone can give you true peace, because it alone possesses Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, who is the true Prince of Peace.