The Holy Rosary
The Sorrowful Mysteries
First Sorrowful Mystery. The Agony in the Garden.

He withdrew from them, about a stone's throw away, and knelt down and prayed. 'Father,' he said, 'if you are willing, take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, let your will be done, not mine.' Then an angel appeared to him, coming from heaven to give him strength. In his anguish he prayed even more earnestly, and his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood.
(Lk 22:41-44)

Second Sorrowful Mystery. The Scourging at the Pillar.

Pilate had Jesus taken away and scourged.
(Jn 19:1)

Third Sorrowful Mystery. The Crowning with Thorns.

The soldiers twisted some thorns into a crown and put it on his head and dressed him in a purple robe. They kept coming up to him and saying, 'Hail, king of the Jews!' and slapping him in the face.
(Jn 19:2-3)

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery. The Carrying of the Cross.

They took charge of Jesus, and carrying his own cross he went out to the Place of the Skull or, as it is called in Hebrew, Golgotha, where they crucified him.
(Jn 19:17-18)

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery. The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord.

Seeing his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother, 'Woman, this is your son.' Then to the disciple he said, 'This is your mother.'... Jesus said, 'It is fulfilled'; and bowing his head he gave up his spirit.
(Jn 19:26-27,30)