The Holy Rosary
Clauses for each Mystery

The Joyful Mysteries

First Mystery: whom thou didst conceive

(quem, Virgo, concepisti).

Second Mystery: whom thou didst carry while visiting Elizabeth

(quem visitando Elisabeth portasti).

Third Mystery: whom thou didst give birth to

(quem, Virgo, genuisti).

Fourth Mystery: whom thou didst present in the Temple

(quem in templo praesentasti).

Fifth Mystery: whom thou didst find in the Temple

(quem in templo invenisti).

The Sorrowful Mysteries

First Mystery: who sweated blood for us

(qui pro nobis sanguinem sudavit).

Second Mystery: who was scourged for us

(qui pro nobis flagellatus est).

Third Mystery: who was crowned with thorns for us

(qui pro nobis spinis coronatus est).

Fourth Mystery: who carried the Cross for us

(qui pro nobis crucem baiulavit).

Fifth Mystery: who was crucified for us

(qui pro nobis crucifixus est).

The Glorious Mysteries

First Mystery: who arose from the dead

(qui resurrexit a mortuis).

Second Mystery: who ascended into heaven

(qui in caelum ascendit).

Third Mystery: who sent the Holy Spirit

(qui Spiritum Sanctum misit).

Fourth Mystery: who assumed thee into heaven

(qui te assumpsit).

Fifth Mystery: who crowned thee Queen of Heaven

(qui te in caelis coronavit).

The Luminous Mysteries

First Mystery: who was baptized in the Jordan.

Second Mystery: who revealed Himself at the wedding feast of Cana.

Third Mystery: who announced the Kingdom of God.

Fourth Mystery: who was transfigured.

Fifth Mystery: who instituted the Eucharist.